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My Annuity and Benefits Retirement Eligibility Surveys



FERS Annuity Supplement Survey

Retirement Services began mailing 77,193 Annuity Supplement Earnings Surveys (RI 92-22) to our retirement population of non-disability annuitants under the age of 62. The survey will be mailed by April 29, 2019.

Certain Federal Employees’ Retirement System (FERS) non-disability annuitants are entitled to a supplemental payment in addition to their FERS annuity benefits. This supplement represents what the annuitant would receive for their FERS civilian service from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and is calculated as if they were eligible to receive SSA benefits on the day they retired.  

Salary and/or wages the annuitant had earned after retirement can affect continued receipt of the annuity supplement. Therefore, the supplement is subject to an earnings test. OPM surveys the annuitants in this category every year while they are in receipt of an annuity supplement to ask if they have reported earnings (other than annuity benefits) for the previous year. This year the survey was conducted in April.  The responses submitted from the annuitants should be signed and dated. A daytime telephone number is required. All forms must be completed and returned by June 3, 2019.

Katina Smith is the Project Leader ( being assisted by Maria Evans ( 

Any inquires that cannot be addressed should be forwarded to RSS at (202) 606-0249.

Disability Earnings Survey

Retirement Services, Retirement Surveys and Students (RSS) finished mailing 56,080 Disability Earnings Surveys on Friday, March 1, 2019, to the retirement population of disabled annuitants under age 60. We analyze the annuitant’s responses to determine if they are eligible to continue receiving retirement benefits or if they have earned over the 80% earning limit in their current employment. When this limit is exceeded, they are considered restored to earning capacity.

This year, we are asking all annuitants to complete and return the survey form regardless of whether they earned income in 2018. If the annuitant did not have any earned income in 2018, they should complete block 1 with zeros and return the form. Responses from all annuitants must be signed, dated, and returned within 30 days of receipt. A daytime telephone number is also required on the form. If the annuitant meets or exceeds the earnings limit, retirement benefits, including health benefits and life insurance, will be suspended effective June 30, 2019.

Beginning March 2019, RSS will begin suspending (H03) all disability annuities for which surveys were returned as ‘Undeliverable’ by the USPS and no new mailing address had been posted to the annuity record as of Jan 7, 2019. Please refer all calls for remailing of the survey and for restoration of annuity (with the new mailing address) to RSS at 202-606-0249.

Artis Walton – is the Project Leader being assisted by James Poulos –, Barbie Williams –, and Tianna Butler –; all inquiries should be forwarded to them. Calls are received at 202-606-0249.

Marital Survey

Retirement Eligibility and Services performs an annual mailing of Marital Surveys to widows and widowers who currently receive a benefit from a deceased federal employee. The Civil Service Retirement law establishes that surviving spouses are not permitted to remarry prior to age 55 (unless they were married to the deceased for at least 30 years prior to his or her death) and continue to receive a benefit. The Marital Survey is sent out in response to this law. The survey requires a response from all survivors receiving a benefit. The form must be signed, dated, and a daytime telephone number is required. All forms must be completed and returned within 30 days of the date of the form. If the survey is not received, then the annuity will be placed in suspense. The survey may be faxed to (202) 606-0022 Attn: Pamela Johnson or returned via mail to:

Office of Personnel Management
Retirement Surveys & Students Branch
Marital Survey Enclosed
1900 E Street, NW Room 2416
Washington DC 20415

The Representative Payee Survey

On February 9, 2016, Retirement Eligibility and Services mailed 12,500 Representative Payee Surveys. This survey is sent to ensure that those individuals receiving payments on behalf of annuitants unable to handle their own finances are using the funds for the benefit of the annuitant. Retirement Services wants to ensure that we have the most accurate information on file.

All payees must respond. The surveys should be returned by mail. Once the surveys are returned, they are screened for completeness and our records updated as needed. If any questions arise, additional information may be requested. The Representative Payee has 30 days to return the survey. Benefits are suspended if a reply is not received.

It has been brought to our attention that the Representative Payee Survey Forms were dated 02/15/2015 with the survey period being 2015. The correct date of the forms should have been 02/15/2016 with the survey period of 2015. Again, the Representative Payees have 30 days to respond to the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surveys

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