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I'm getting close to retirement...where do I go to get information concerning my retirement?

The Federal Ballpark E$timate is a retirement savings planning tool. It is not an annuity estimate. If you are within 3 years of your planned retirement date you should contact your human resource (HR) office for an annuity estimate. It's very important to contact your HR office well in advance of your retirement for several reasons, including, ensuring that all your service is accounted for and creditable towards retirement and that you are in the correct retirement system; i.e., CSRS, CSRS Offset, or FERS. The Federal Ballpark E$timate can be used as a guideline for your retirement needs. There are other things to consider when getting close to retirement for which your HR office is the place to discuss all of your options. If you don't know who your agency HR office is or have had a difficult time contacting that office, you may contact the lead agency benefits officer at your employing agency.

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