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Developer Center Packaged Binaries

Several packaged binaries for the OPM Alert mobile app are being made available to system administrators for deployment to enterprise servers and administrator managed hardware. These packages are being provided to Federal Government administrators and require an ID to download.

If you already have an account, please proceed to the Login form by clicking the button below. If you do not have an ID, you can register by following the Create Account button below. In order to register you will need to provide and verify a valid .gov, .mil, or email address.

Once registered and authenticated, you will be able to download the current available binaries for Blackberry enterprise servers and the Android APK.

To ensure you have access to and are aware of the latest versions available, any future updates to the packages will trigger an automatic email to notify you of an updated package.

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The packaged application binaries are only available for download to users with valid email addresses ending in .gov, .mil, and You will be required to confirm your account via an activation link sent to your valid email address before you will be able to download the packaged binaries.

All fields are required and are denoted with an * (asterisk).

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