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Services for Agencies Assessment & Evaluation

If you manage it, OPM will help you measure it. We develop powerful assessment procedures that help you select candidates with the right competencies, assess your organization’s climate to foster the right culture, and measure customer satisfaction. Our tools will help you create a high performing organization.

Organizational Assessment: Surveys and Related Services

OPM offers standardized and customized surveys to assess organizational culture and climate, customer satisfaction, leadership competencies, causes of turnover, and other organizational needs.  In addition to our surveys, we can provide services to help agencies achieve the maximum benefit from their survey results.   Learn more about Surveys and Related Services.

Program Evaluation

OPM’s evaluation services help agencies determine if their HR programs are achieving their intended goals.  We use state-of-the-art evaluation approaches to incorporate multiple methods and data sources to develop robust results. Learn more about Program Evaluation.

Individual Assessment

OPM's Individual assessment services include development and implementation of customized tests, structured interviews, and assessments that ensure high return on investment in employee and leader selection, promotion, and career development. Learn more about Individual Assessment.

Leadership Assessment

OPM offers agencies a variety of assessments that target leadership capability. These assessments can be used for selecting new leaders, participants for leadership development programs, or assessing leadership strengths and developmental needs. Additionally, we have assessments that assess leadership potential for succession planning and assessments to help new leaders become acclimated with their new organizations.. Learn more about Leadership Assessment.

USA HireSM: Online Assessment Platform

OPM offers agencies the capability to deliver innovative and robust online assessment solutions in proctored and unproctored environments.  Integrating online assessments offered through USA HireSM into your existing hiring process can save time and agency resources and can help your agency identify higher quality candidates.  Learn more about USA HireSM.

Competency Modeling

OPM’s Competency Modeling services involve assessing and analyzing current occupational competency and task data and projecting for the future through customized online surveys, focus groups, site visits, and the HR Manager database. Learn more about Competency Modeling.

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