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Human Resources Solutions

Strategize, acquire, engage, and transform your workforce with OPM’s human capital consultants.

How HR Solutions Can Help

As your organization takes steps to become nimble enough to respond to evolving demands, we can help you think beyond the immediate and plan for the future. HR Solutions makes people and organizations better by helping you decide if, when, and how to adjust human capital policies and strategies based on sound evidence. Work confidently with our experts, who bring a depth and breadth of knowledge from across the entire HR lifecycle, to identify your needs, put strategies in place, and prepare your organization for the next big challenge.

Strategize: Identify ways to achieve your goals

  • Strategic planning: Identify and establish program and management goals, define outcomes, construct progress evaluation plans, and determine metrics to measure success.
  • Workforce planning: Make smart investments to acquire, develop, and support a workforce capable of achieving your mission, whether on site, hybrid, or remote.
  • Position classification: Evaluate positions to establish pay equity and align skills with mission.
  • Succession planning: Create a leadership pipeline to support continuity in any environment.
  • Organization design: Align organization and position structures with your agency’s mission and objectives.

Acquire: Recruit, assess, select, and onboard employees

  • Strategic recruitment: Attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool with the right skills and competencies for your target positions.
  • USAJOBS®: Attract the best talent through targeted recruitment campaigns, including searching over 1.5M resumes, and promoting hiring events. Post job opportunities to access data on how applicants flow through the hiring process and other trends.
  • USA Staffing®: Identify potential barriers to hiring using anonymous job seeker demographic data and information on how applicants progress through the hiring process with our staffing software as a service.
  • Staff acquisition: Devise recruitment and branding strategies to more effectively attract diverse and highly-qualified candidate pools.
  • Hiring assessments: Identify candidates with the right competencies to get the job done, no matter where they are located.

Engage: Sustain a highly capable and committed workforce

  • Change management: Create positive change through clear communication. Establish milestones, stakeholder actions, regular touch points, critical messaging, and key performance indicators.
  • Education, training, and development: Support employee engagement through customized and pre-designed courses.
  • Coaching: Support development in leading distributed organizations to enhance overall performance for individuals and teams.
  • Process improvement: Shift time and energy from low-value to high-level work by making data-driven improvements to your agency’s processes.
  • Telework solutions: Analyze, implement, and evaluate telework programs and hybrid workplaces to maximize performance.
  • Performance management: Measure productivity and identify the right performance appraisal strategy to ensure accountability, fairness, and alignment with your mission.
  • USA Performance®: Increase the transparency and ease of the performance management process with performance plans and data accessible to employees and supervisors. Track progress towards individual and organizational goals.
  • Organizational and individual assessments: Identify employee experiences and develop plans to address disparities, increase employee engagement, and maximize performance.
  • Human-centered design: Put people at the center of the process and create innovative solutions to your critical process, policy, and management challenges.
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