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Workforce & Succession Planning

Public sector organizations find themselves in a time in which the demand for services has increased, the expectation for quality service is high, and the accountability for results is exceptional. Agencies must be results-driven, citizen-centered, and market-based. In an effort to improve and enhance organizational effectiveness and to drive Federal agencies toward becoming high performing organizations, we work with agencies to develop workforce and succession planning processes at local and national levels.

High-performing and Results-driven Organizations

To become a high performing organization requires an investment in the people working in the organization and an understanding of customer and stakeholder needs. The demand for talent continues to be high as corporations compete for the limited pool of highly skilled candidates.

We work with agencies to develop effective workforce and succession planning strategies and measures. We address issues such as workforce environmental concerns, the need to review functionality of jobs, workforce forecasting, career/occupation broadening, and the need to better utilize existing recruitment and retention strategies. Workforce and succession planning is a multi-year approach to human capital management.

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