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Recruiting & Staffing Solutions

Human Resources Solutions (HRS) helps you put the right person in the right job at the right time. We deliver relevant, cost-effective products and services to help build a high-quality workforce and sustain high-performing organizations. We’ll help you attract talent and guide you through your staffing needs on any level.

HRS has years of demonstrated experience delivering cost-effective solutions that enable our customers to successfully recruit, evaluate, and acquire a talented and motivated workforce. HRS offers a comprehensive array of staff acquisition products and services. Although we offer an integrated approach to Federal hiring, you have total flexibility to simply select single product offerings that suit your specific needs. Our consultants will meet with you to determine your exact needs, so we can customize our services.

USA HireSM: Online Assessment Platform

OPM offers agencies the capability to deliver innovative and robust online assessment solutions in proctored and unproctored environments. Integrating online assessments offered through USA HireSM into your existing hiring process can save time and agency resources and can help your agency identify higher quality candidates. Learn more about USA HireSM.


Tailored recruitment approaches – including marketing strategies, employment brand and materials – to get the attention of quality employees looking for a great place to work. Learn more about Recruitment.

Staff Acquisition Solutions

From evaluating applicants to helping you hire quality employees quickly and expertly, staff acquisition solutions offers customized staffing and training solutions that meet your hiring needs. Including:

You may also visit the USA Staffing® webpage to learn more about OPM’s Talent Acquisition System for Federal agencies.

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