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HR Line of Business


Organizational Information

Human Resources IT Transformation (HR ITT) leads the governmentwide transformation of HR Information Technology by focusing on modernization, consolidation, integration, and performance assessment. It manages the Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) initiative through active collaboration with agencies and service providers and focuses on improving the strategic management of human resources by:

  • overseeing governmentwide systems and services employed by agencies and service providers
  • improving integration and interoperability of HR systems
  • promoting innovative technologies


The HRLOB common solution takes a phased approach to delivering HR services through shared service centers based on a common, reusable architecture that leverages open architecture concepts. These solutions will enable the federal government to standardize HR business functions and processes, as well as the systems that support them. The HRLOB common solution will enable a shift in emphasis within the agencies from administrative processing to customer service and strategic planning.

The shared service center approach is designed to encourage competition among federal and private sector providers, and to maximize private sector involvement; this competition, in turn, should result in improved quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Economies of scale will help reduce costs and improve efficiencies. A focus on performance results will improve quality and customer satisfaction.

HRLOB Establishment Documents

HRLOB Vision

The overall vision of the HRLOB is governmentwide, modern, cost-effective, standardized, and interoperable HR solutions providing common, core functionality to support the strategic management of human capital and addressing duplicative HR systems and processes across the federal government.


  1. Improved Management – Improve the governmentwide strategic management of human capital (faster decision making, more informed policy making, more effective workforce management, improved resource alignment with agency missions)
  2. Operational Efficiencies – Achieve or increase operational efficiencies in the acquisition, development, implementation and operation of human resources management and supporting systems (improved servicing ratio / response times, reduced cycle times, improved automated reporting)
  3. Cost Savings/Avoidance – Achieve or increase cost savings/avoidance from HR solution activities (reduced duplicative software / hardware / operations / labor resources, increased competitive environment)
  4. Improved Customer Service – Improve customer service (increased accessibility to client and value, improved communication and responsiveness, enhanced quality, timeliness, accuracy and consistency)
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