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Classification & Job Design

In today's dynamic business environment, the public sector manager must continually assess their organization's ability to fulfill the commitments, goals, and objectives that constitute its mission and purpose. A comprehensive evaluation of available resources and capabilities are essential in identifying the organizational changes needed to support strategic business goals. At OPM, we have organization design and position classification professionals that can assist you in reviewing existing resources and processes and creating a foundation for organization change.

OPM’s Organization Design and Position Management Services include:

  • Comprehensive organizational reviews
  • Occupational analyses
  • Workforce composition and skills utilization assessments
  • Re-Alignment or assessment of organization structures and human capital
  • Redistribution of work assignments
  • Position reformulation and redescription
  • Implementation of organizational decisions
  • Position management analysis
  • Strategies to determine future human capital needs

OPM’s organization design and position classification experts have an organization-wide perspective that will assist you in meeting your current challenges regardless of how large or small your organizational transformation needs may be. We always tailor our services and deliverables to meet our customer’s requirements and will be happy to provide you additional information regarding any of services upon request.

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