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Hybrid Work Environment Toolkit

To support agencies and employees as they begin to return to the office, OPM has developed a toolkit with information to assist in this next phase and beyond.

Thriving in a Hybrid Environment Training

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) presents “Thriving in a Hybrid Environment”, a free government-wide training opportunity for all federal employees. The slides for the training session can be found here.

Forward Leaning Workforce Management Guidance 

As stated in the President's Management Agenda, "Federal agencies must attract, hire, develop, and empower talented individuals who are well suited and well prepared to face the challenges the Government faces, both in the near and long term." OPM is offering guidance and information to support agencies in this endeavor.  

2022 Federal Workforce Priorities Report

Guidance Release - E.O. 13932: Modernizing and Reforming the Assessment and
Hiring of Federal Job Candidates

Transitioning to a Hybrid Work Environment 

Federal agencies are beginning the transition to a hybrid workplace or a workplace that incorporates a mix of employees who are working in the office and those who are working from other locations.  As agencies prepare to see more employees return to the traditional office workplace, check out these documents which include practices and considerations to guide both preparing for the transition and transitioning to a hybrid work environment.

Tip Sheet:  Prepare to Transition

Tip Sheet:  Transition to Hybrid

Telework and Remote Work Guidance

This Revised Guide to Telework in the Federal Government is designed to bring the contents of the 2011 guide up to date by addressing policy gaps and offering resources to help contextualize the continued evolution of telework as a critical workplace flexibility. 

2021 Guide to Telework and Remote Work in the Federal Government

Pay and Leave Guidance

As Federal agencies develop reconstitution plans and return to regular operations, managers seeking to adapt work arrangements to the COVID-19 environment may use flexible work schedules (FWS) to maintain the productivity, health and safety of the workforce (e.g. by facilitating maintenance of social distance in the workplace). FWS consist of workdays with core hours and flexible hours and allow an employee to complete his or her biweekly basic work requirement by determining his or her own schedule within the limits set by the agency. Those limits may include daily or weekly basic work requirements. Agencies may expand the types of FWS that are available to employees as different types of schedules provide different degrees of flexibility. When combined with telework, FWS can provide agencies with the flexibility to maintain safe social distance between employees in the workplace by reducing the percentage of employees who are in the office at any given time. FWS can also assist employees in balancing professional duties with caregiving and other responsibilities.

Fact Sheet on Flexible Work Schedules

Fact Sheet on the Use of Maxiflex Work Schedules

Work Life Tips

OPM is committed to supporting Federal agency leaders and human resource professionals throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond as we prepare the Federal workforce for the future of work. In addition to providing continual policy guidance and technical assistance OPM will provide resources to agencies to support a focus on mental health and additional work life programs.

OPM Memorandum - Supporting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Federal Employees

Employee Assistance Program

Mental Health

Grieving Support

Meaningful Conversations

Dependent Care

Performance Management

Performance Management Tip Sheets

To support agencies in preparing for the workforce of the future, these tip sheets address performance management for a hybrid workplace or a workplace that incorporates a mix of employees who are working in the office and those who are working from other locations. The tips are tailored to assist Non-supervisory Employees, Supervisors, and Leadership throughout the various phases of the performance management cycle. Considerations for how to leverage technology to support a hybrid workplace are also provided to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between employees and supervisors who may not be occupying the same physical workspace.

Performance Management Hybrid Workplace Tips for Employees

Performance Management Hybrid Workplace Tips for Supervisors

Performance Management Hybrid Workplace Tips for Leadership

Performance Management Hybrid Workplace Tips for Technology

Performance Management Plus (PM+) Training

This one-hour, interactive course helps employees, human resources practitioners, supervisors, managers, and executives understand and apply Performance Management Plus (PM+) with an emphasis on engaging employees to enable their excellence in performance.  Specifically, PM+ conveys the importance of focusing on employees rather than just the completion of a few performance management activities – it is the people and the process.  By taking this approach, agencies will empower high employee performance where the “Plus” in PM+ prioritizes the establishment and reinforcement of solid, positive supervisor-employee relationships – leading to mutual trust and providing a key to unlocking individual and organizational success.  

Performance Management Plus – Engaging for Success

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