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Careers at OPM
Answering the call to serve America.

Feds serve America every day. They serve in every corner of the country doing the business of our nation. They're committed to the health, safety, prosperity, and well-being of every American. We salute them. We admire them. We believe in their dedication and we believe in their cause.

Here at the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), we're charged with meeting the needs of these Feds—all two million of them—providing for their health, managing their benefits, and promoting their cause. What we do requires an elite workforce with the energy, skills, expertise, and personality to help run our nation.

Are you ready to step up to our challenge? Ready to take on more than a job? Willing to answer a call to serve? Then consider a career at OPM. We're looking for thinkers, and innovators, and leaders, and those who know when to follow. People to challenge and inspire. We're looking for people who love responsibility and want to make an impact. Come join us and help us keep these amazing and diverse Feds vibrant and energized. Come join us and make OPM the Model Employer of the 21st Century!


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