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My Annuity and Benefits

This section provides information useful to retirees and their families. There are many occasions that might affect your benefits.

New Retiree

Provides information frequently requested by new retirees including changing health and life insurance options, COLAs, annuity payments, and taxable portions of annuity.

Life Events

Explains how benefits are affected by events such as marriage, divorce, death of a spouse, re-employment in Federal service, or inability to handle one's finances.

Moving Checklist

Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move.

Death and Survivor Benefits

Covers the various types of monthly and lump sum benefits due from the death of active employees, retirees, and survivors. This includes potential monthly benefits for spouses, former spouses, children, and students.

FERS Disability Retirees

FERS Disability benefits change 12 months after retirement and again at age 62. See here for important information about your responsibilities if you are eligible to receive both OPM and SSA benefits

Court-Ordered Benefits

Court-Ordered Benefits information for Federal retirees and their spouses on how their retirement and insurance could be affected by a court order related to a divorce or separation.

Attorney information that applies to court orders.

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