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Get Help

OPM cares about its customers and wants to assist them in finding answers to questions and to resolve their concerns promptly. Below are some ways you can receive help.

  • For questions about OPM operations, Federal personnel rules, how to obtain information, and many more topics, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section and use the links from the Policy tab within the navigation bar at the top of this webpage.
  • If you are inquiring about retirement benefits, visit the Retirement Support Center.
  • If you are a current or former Federal employee, please contact your current or former agency Human Resources Office with all Human Resources/payroll related questions.
    • If you contact OPM using the form below to ask HR related questions, you will be referred to your agency's Human Resources Office.
    • All Human Resources policy questions should be directed to OPM through the appropriate headquarters Human Resources Policy Office of the applicable Federal Department or Independent Agency.
    • You may find an appropriate HR point of contact at your agency within OPM's Directory of Headquarters Level Agency Benefits Officers and/or Work-Life Agency Coordinators.
  • If you are a Federal jobseeker/applicant, retiree, or Federal employee who has a question(s) about your eligibility for a specific job(s) or information contained within a Federal job vacancy posted on USAJOBS, contact the agencies’ HR point of contact listed in the USAJOBS job opportunity announcement.
  • If you have a concern, complaint, or comment about a matter other than retirement or the above criteria do not apply, complete the information below. Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate organization for review and/or response.

Privacy Statement


  1. If your inquiry involves a retirement issue, please do not enter information in this form. Instead, contact Retirement Services directly.
  2. Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as your Social Security Number, Date of birth or Retirement Claim Number in the form below.
  3. This form should not be used to ask HR policy related questions.
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