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Technology Systems

Human Resources Solutions leverages several user-centric technology systems to offer intuitive solutions as part of its reimbursable service line of products. An integral component of our mission and client outreach efforts is to invest in leading-edge, innovative, high quality human resource information technology products and services to deliver tomorrow’s customer-targeted solutions.

  • The Knowledge Portal division works with agencies to help them understand the importance of sharing knowledge of agency missions, goals and values across all organizational lines. It helps agencies realize the full potential of their employees by helping them develop processes to share knowledge throughout organizations by establishing and managing a central content database for secure access to Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) content use and application.
  • USA HireSM offers agencies the capability to deliver innovative and professionally designed, online assessment solutions in proctored and unproctored environments. Agencies can leverage USA Hire to automate existing assessment content, develop new online assessments, or implement USA Hire’s off-the-shelf assessments for a wide range of government positions.
  • USAJOBS® is the Federal Government's official employment site. USAJOBS provides resources to help the right people find the right jobs. Federal agencies use our technology to facilitate their hiring processes and match qualified applicants to job openings. USAJOBS serves as the central location for applicants to find job openings in hundreds of federal agencies and organizations.
    USAJOBS’ Agency Talent Portal offers targeted recruitment services for federal recruiters, human resources specialists, and hiring managers. This system allows users to mine the USAJOBS database of over one million searchable resumes, message candidates about upcoming open jobs, and post career related events on the USAJOBS home page.
    USAJOBS’ Open Opportunities allows federal agencies to post professional development opportunities available to current federal employees and non-traditional internship opportunities available to students.
  • USALearning® offerings include the development and delivery of customized learning management systems (LMS); learning content management systems (LCMS) and associated services; e-Learning/testing platforms; communities of practice; and other customized content and collaborative platforms to include object and document repositories, course development, and innovative software engineering services.
  • USA Performance® is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s software solution to assist Federal agencies in implementing their SES and Non-SES performance management program and systems. USA Performance enables agencies to automate their performance appraisal process throughout the entire rating cycle.
  • USA Staffing® is the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's hiring software solution for Federal agencies. USA Staffing positions agencies to acquire, assess, certify, select, and onboard qualified candidates precisely, efficiently and cost-effectively. The USA Staffing® Onboarding platform is the winner of two 2020 Igniting Innovation Awards. Read more
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