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Workforce Restructuring

Organizational Restructure Overview

As Government works more efficiently and effectively, organizations will need to approach new ways of managing human capital. Work will need to be accomplished in new ways and sometimes with fewer resources. Agencies may need to restructure to meet mission changes. Employees will need to understand the changing nature of their organization and the way work will be structured and completed. At OPM, we can assist you in developing a strategy for change management.

The climate and practices that are developed can impact the organization and its outcomes for years to come. To undergo a dramatic change requires top leadership support and involvement. Coping, growth, and survival all involve maintaining the integrity of the organization and its leadership.

OPM’s services and assistance include:

  • Restructuring Tools and Education;
  • Technical Assistance in Official Personnel File (OPF) Review;
  • RIF Planning and Oversight;
  • HR Office Infrastructure Needs;
  • Change Management Education;
  • Developing Strategic Alternatives to RIF;
  • Support in Competitive Sourcing; and
  • Outplacement Assistance/Career Development
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