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Pandemic Information

We are currently updating the Pandemic pages on For Coronavirus information, please navigate to

Pandemics have occurred intermittently over centuries. Although the timing cannot be predicted, history and science suggest that we will face one or more pandemics in this century. People accomplish the mission of Federal agencies, and a potential pandemic influenza outbreak may compromise the ability of Federal agencies to accomplish their mission. Telework can be used to help slow the spread of disease by keeping face-to-face contact to a minimum (often referred to as "social distancing") while maintaining operations as close to normal as possible. Therefore, Federal agencies must plan to deal with the potential implications for human resources management.

This website provides guidance and information on the programs and flexibilities available to Federal managers, employees, and human resources practitioners to help deal with the effects of a potential pandemic outbreak. When circumstances warrant, OPM also will issue additional guidance to address issues that may arise during a pandemic influenza outbreak regarding the use of leave, telework arrangements, hiring flexibilities, and other human resources matters. The website will also assist agencies, employees and managers in understanding and using these flexibilities.

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