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Chief Human Capital Officers Council

“The CHCO Council is an invaluable collaborative resource for OPM and the federal government.  OPM is committed to partnering closely with CHCOs to help solve critical human capital management challenges that face our federal workforce and I look forward to leading the council as we work to rebuild, strengthen, and support the federal workforce.”       – OPM Director Kiran Ahuja


The CHCO Council (Council) was formally established by the Chief Human Capital Officers Act of 2002 (Act), which was enacted as part of the Homeland Security Act, Public Law 107-296, on November 25, 2002. Effective May 24, 2003.


The CHCO Council is the principal interagency forum to advise and coordinate the activities of the agencies of its members on such matters as modernization of human resources systems, improved quality of human resources information, and legislation affecting human resources operations and organizations.


The CHCO Council shall perform functions that include the following:

•   Inform and coordinate the activities of its member agencies on such matters as modernization of human resources systems and practices, improved quality of human resources information, and legislation affecting human resources management operations and organizations.

•   At the request of the Chair, the Council may provide views to Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and agency leaders on human capital strategies and policies, as well as on the assessment of human capital management in Federal agencies.

•   Identify and share promising practices with CHCOs and other officials with similar responsibilities in fulfilling their responsibilities to:

o promote a culture of continuous human capital learning and high performance;
o embrace strategies, policies, and processes to develop and support a modernized federal workforce and workplace;
o support consistency in the implementation of the law governing the Federal civil service; and
o support agency leaders in carrying out their responsibilities for selecting, developing, training, and managing a diverse, inclusive, high-quality, productive workforce following merit system principles.


Kiran Ahuja                                                                Jason Miller                                                                    
OPM Director                                                              OMB Deputy Director Management
Chair, CHCO Council  View Bio                                  Vice-Chair, CHCO Council  View Bio

Margot Conrad                                                           Ella Holman
Executive Director, CHCO Council View Bio               Deputy Director, CHCO Council  View Bio

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