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The forms, OPM 630, OPM 630A, OPM 630B, OPM 630C, OPM 1637, OPM 1638, and OPM 1639, have been updated on the OPM website.

In response to multiple requests for digital signature capability in its leave forms, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is updating its voluntary leave transfer and emergency leave transfer forms.  The leave forms include--OPM 630, OPM 630A, OPM 630B, OPM630C, OPM 1637, OPM 1638, and OPM 1639.  In addition, OPM has also revised the forms in response to  OMB memorandum M-07-16, to take steps to reduce the collection of Social Security numbers.   These forms will now include digital signature capability and collect only the last four digits of the employee’s Social Security number.  Please see our leave forms page for access to these revised forms.

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