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Annuitant Medicare Match Lists

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. (9 characters) The Social Security number of the named individual as carried in the CSRS or FERS master payment record.

OPM CLAIM NUMBER. (9 characters) OPM's retirement claim number for identifying every individual who is either an annuitant or survivor annuitant. A claim number prefixed by "A" means the person receives a CSRS or FERS annuity based on his or her own Federal employment. A claim number prefixed by "F" means the person receives an annuity as the survivor of a deceased Federal annuitant or employee. Generally, a spouse's claim number is the claim number of the annuitant who elected to provide the survivor benefit if the Spouse Code is 1.

MEDICARE CLAIM NUMBER. (9 characters) Social Security Administration's enrollment number under which the named individual has coverage or eligibility for Medicare.

MEDICARE BIC. (2 characters) The Basic Insurance Code. The BIC is provided by SSA and indicates current Medicare coverage status.

SURNAME/FIRST NAME/MIDDLE INITIAL. (up to 20 characters) The name of the individual identified by the matching process. Names are listed alphabetically with surname first.

BIRTH DATE. (8 characters) The named individual's date of birth -- YYYYMMDD.

OPTION. (1 character) Means the FEHB enrollment is 1 for self only or 2 for self-and-family. For plans with a standard option, 4 means self only/standard option, and 5 means family/standard option.

MEDICARE CODE. (1 character) Means the person's Medicare coverage according to SSA's records.

  • "A" means the person matched with SSA's records as having Medicare Part A;
  • "B" means the person matched with SSA's records as having Medicare Part B;
  • "C" means the person matched with SSA's records as having both Parts A and B;
  • "X" means the individual matched with SSA's records but is not eligible for Medicare;
  • "Z" means the individual did not match with SSA's records, and we do not know the Medicare status; and
  • "N" means the individual is on the CSRS or FERS roll but the name was not sent to SSA to be matched -- for instance, because the Social Security Number is missing, and we do not know the Medicare status.

SPOUSE CODE. (1 character) Distinguishes the individual as either an annuitant or spouse of an annuitant; "0" means the individual is a retiree or survivor annuitant; "1" means a spouse for whom an annuitant elected to provide a survivor annuity.

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