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2004-05 Attachment 4: Documentation of 2004 Community Rates and Riders
(Large Carriers Only)

If the State requires the carrier to file its official community rates with the State insurance department, OPM requires a copy of this filing. If the insurance department must approve such a filing, also send us a copy of the approval. BE SURE TO CIRCLE IN RED ALL RATES AND RIDERS ON THE INSURANCE FILING THAT APPLY TO THE FEHBP.

If the State does not require the carrier to file its community rates, we require some other form of documentation.

Acceptable documentation includes:

  1. Rate development sheets for the carrier's SSSGs.

  2. Rating guidelines used by the carrier's rating personnel.

The Reconciliation Questionnaire contains some questions pertaining to the rate development of the SSSGs. You should provide any backup documents that will enable us to better understand the answers to these questions.

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