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The Future of the Workforce

Our vision is a diverse, agile, and engaged workforce with the right skills to enable agency mission-delivery.

OPM’s commitment to the federal Government is…..

Policy and Resources: Develop policies and resources to support agencies during the transition to a more hybrid work environment.

Research and Evaluation: Conduct research to investigate and memorialize lessons learned from the pandemic, identify leading practices, and determine how the Federal Government can remain competitive with other sectors.

Training and Technical Assistance: Provide training and technical assistance to help agencies make strategic decisions, manage their workforce, and prepare for the future state.

Data Analytics: Support agencies with the necessary data and tools to improve our ability to make data-driven human capital decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engage Stakeholders to learn, share best practices, validate future workforce needs and champion the government as a model employer.

OPM collaborated  with agency Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) and developed a vison for the future of the workforce: We envision a Federal government with a workforce of the future that is inclusive, agile, and engaged, with the right skills to enable mission delivery.

FAQs for Hybrid Work Environment

This page will continue to be updated as OPM releases new FAQs aligned to the hybrid work environment. FAQs include telework, remote work, pay, and labor relations.

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OPM Hybrid Work Environment Guidance and Policy

Stay current with the latest guidance released by OPM human capital experts including telework, remote work, FAQs, and more.

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Hybrid Work Environment and Future of Work Toolkit

To support agencies and employees as they begin to return to the office, OPM has developed a toolkit with information to assist in this next phase and beyond.

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Human Resources Solutions

Strategize, acquire, engage, and transform your workforce with OPM’s human capital consultants.

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Contact Us

We would like to hear from you on the different type of guidance, tools and resources you would like to see on this site. 

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