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Telework Program Development

OPM consultants can help an agency develop and implement a telework program or pilot by writing program policies, developing procedures, communicating the policies to employees, developing telework agreement plans, providing trainings, and responding to the annual data call.

OPM consultants can assist agencies to ensure that the policy meets OPM's policy guidance. Effective communication and comprehensive telework agreements are essential to the success of a telework program. With a strategic plan, consultants and agencies can develop a marketing plan to communicate the benefits and parameters of the telework program. The communications can include marketing materials and tactics to facilitate buy-in from management and encourage employee participation.

Successful programs require building the organizational systems and people competencies necessary for affecting change. OPM consultants can help agencies:

  • Set telework program goals
  • Establish telework program metrics and targets to track goal progress and achievement
  • Perform action planning to identify key activities to achieve program goals
  • Implement processes to track performance data and efficiently respond to the annual data call

OPM can also provide key indicators to determine the effectiveness of communication and change of management. An agency can opt to use the Telework Satisfaction Survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the telework program or pilot program.

Goal Setting

OPM challenges agencies to consider what they are trying to achieve, to think big and develop a vision for change with telework that will inspire senior executives and employees alike. OPM consultants can assist agency Telework Program Officers, leadership and managers, and key stakeholders in defining that vision for change, setting goals to achieve the vision, and establishing telework program metrics to evaluate success and track progress.

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