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Support center / Learn more about the Disability Earnings Survey

Learn more about the Disability Earnings Survey

FAQs and answers about the Disability Earnings Survey.

Questions and answers

If you are unable to submit your earnings via Services Online due to an inactive account, you will receive a paper survey form within 3 – 4 weeks from April 15th, 2021. Please note that you will not have the option to complete the paper survey form in future years.

Go to to gain access to Services Online. When you access Services Online before June 30, 2021, a link to the Disability Earnings Survey will be located at the bottom of the main menu options.

Yes, if you submitted your earnings using Services Online you will receive a confirmation email of your successful submissions. You will also be able to confirm your survey submission in the "Transaction History" option in the Services Online menu.

No. If you need to correct your submitted earnings, you must request and complete a paper 2020 Disability Earnings Survey form and mail it back to OPM for processing.

No, do not report your benefits as earnings on the Disability Earnings Survey. You only need to report your gross employment earnings and/or your net self-employment earnings.

You will be able to submit your earnings via Services Online through June 30, 2021.

The Retirement Surveys and Students Branch suspends an annuitant's benefits when OPM receives undeliverable Disability Earnings Survey forms back from the post office. If you moved and your mailing address on record has not been updated since January 5, 2021, then the annuity may be suspended.

To restore your annuity, please contact the Retirement Information Office at 1-888-767-6738 so that your information can be forwarded to the appropriate specialist within the Retirement Surveys and Students Branch. The Retirement Surveys and Students Branch will confirm your current mailing address, mail a new Disability Earnings Survey, and restore your annuity.

No, federal disability retirement and Social Security benefits are not considered earned income.

No, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, and TSP or 401K disbursements are not considered earned income.

No, income earned before the effective date of your disability retirement does not count as earned income.

Yes, please complete the Disability Earnings Survey form by placing zeros in Block 1 and return the form to OPM for review and processing.

In this case, your disability annuity was terminated because your reported earned income for 2020 met or exceeded your 80% "restored to earning capacity" limit.

If you believe your 2021 earned income is below your 80% "restored to earning capacity" limit, fax a letter of request for a restoration of disability annuity package to (202) 606-0022 with an ATTENTION to Retirement Surveys and Students - Request for DES Restoration. Please include your completed 2021 Tax Return with all associated W-2s.

"Earned Income" means:

  • Any salary or pay you received working for someone else (including overtime, vacation pay, bonuses, and severance pay, etc.);
  • If you are self-employed, any self-employment net earnings made from working or managing your own business;
  • Deferred income (income you earned but didn't receive during this calendar year); and
  • If you are re-employed in Federal service, the gross income before your employing agency offsets your salary.

Generally, all income subject to Federal Employment taxes or self-employment net profit is considered earned income. Work wages are on any W-2 statement issued by an employer.

Do not include any money earned before retirement.

The following income is not considered earned income - Income reported on form 1099 such as Civil Service Retirement benefits, annuities, pensions, Social Security benefits, Veteran's benefits, and military retired pay, withdrawals from 401K plans, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, interest and dividends from savings accounts, stocks, personal loans, or home mortgages held, insurance proceeds, gifts, inheritances, estates, trusts, endowments, prizes, awards, gambling or lottery winnings, alimony/child support, scholarships or fellowships, pay for jury duty, capital gains from the sale of personal property, amounts received in court actions, and rents or royalties unless received in the course of your trade or business.

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Was this helpful?

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