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Learn more about the Marital Survey

FAQs and answers about the Marital Survey.

Questions and answers

You received a Marital Survey because Marital Surveys are mailed yearly to all annuitants currently receiving a survivor annuity benefit, to determine if remarriage has occurred prior to age 55.

Yes. All Marital Surveys must be completed and returned. Benefits will be suspended for those annuitants who do not complete and return the survey.

You will continue to receive a Marital Survey until you reach age 55.

Please complete the Marital Survey form and return it in the envelope included, along with a copy of your marriage certificate.

Please complete the Marital Survey form and return it in the envelope provided, along with a copy of your marriage certificate and divorce decree. You are entitled to benefits for the periods which you were not married.

You lose eligibility for health benefits coverage with OPM for all periods in which you are not entitled to survivor benefits. You may qualify for temporary health benefits coverage that requires that you pay the premiums directly. Please contact OPM's Health Benefits Unit at 202-606-5148.

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