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Report a federal employee death

If you're the spouse of a federal employee who passed away, you can report the death to OPM to help process potential retirement benefits for surviving spouses and children.

How to report an employee death

  1. Go to the online reporting page

  2. Select a federal retirement program, and then click Continue

  3. Provide the employee's information and your (surviving spouse) information

  4. Submit your report and wait to hear back from us

    We'll send you a confirmation email that we received your report of employee death. We usually respond within 3 to 5 business days. We'll call or email you with an answer. Please don't contact us in the meantime.

How to report a death if you are a relative or caregiver

You should contact the human resources office of the agency where the employee worked. Only surviving spouses of employees can report a death directly to OPM.

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