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Pandemic FAQ

Do I have to use all of my annual and sick leave before requesting donated leave from my coworkers under the voluntary leave transfer program or leave bank program?
No, an employee may request donated leave before he or she exhausts available annual and sick leave. However, before an employee may become an approved leave recipient under his or her agency’s voluntary leave transfer or leave bank program, the employing agency must determine that the employee’s absence from duty without available paid leave because of a medical emergency is (or is expected to be) at least 24 hours. (For part-time employees or employees on uncommon tours of duty, the period of absence without paid leave is prorated.) An employee may receive donated annual leave under an agency’s voluntary leave transfer or leave bank program when he or she becomes an approved leave recipient, but may use donated leave only after exhausting his or her available annual and sick leave. Under an emergency leave transfer program, an employee is not required to exhaust his or her available paid leave before receiving donated annual leave.

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