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Chief Diversity Officers Executive Council

The Council is the principal interagency forum to implement and sustain a national strategy for DEIA across the Federal government and position the Federal government as a model for DEIA.

The Council will advise agencies and their senior leaders on promising practices in DEIA and promote those practices as important to agency strategic plans, missions, and operations; coordinate activities of its member agencies on government-wide policy implementation and partnerships; assist with setting clear strategies, benchmarks, and metrics for DEIA standards of excellence and accountability across the Federal government; and promote an inclusive workplace culture for all Federal employees.


Release of OPM’s Workforce of the Future Playbook

Advancing Pay Equity in Governmentwide Pay Systems (OPM Final Rule) & Press Release

Council Leadership

Kiran Ahuja OPM Director; CDOEC Chairperson

Charlotte A. Burrows Chair, EEOC; CDOEC Vice Chairperson

Jason Miller OMB Deputy Director for Management; CDOEC Vice Chairperson


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