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Combined Federal Campaign Reference Materials

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CFC Logo Use

The official CFC logo and/or the alternative official CFC logo must continue to be used in connection with local CFC websites, the official Charity list, pledge cards, and other official materials.

Additional use of the registered marks Combined Federal Campaign and CFC, however, are additionally permitted in accordance with the permission set forth below.

OPM grants permission to use and reproduce the Combined Federal Campaign and the CFC trademarks set forth above, in plain text form, stylized font, or incorporated into an appropriate design element, for official CFC campaign purposes.

CFC Trademarks

OPM has registered the trademarks Combined Federal Campaign (Fed. Reg. No. 3,475,542, July 29, 2008) and CFC (Fed. Reg. No. 3,467,267, July 15, 2008) on the United States Patent and Trademark Office Principal Register.

CFC Logo Purpose

With regard to the Trademarks:

Official Combined Federal Campaign purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • the official Charity list, pledge cards, local CFC websites, and other official materials;
  • promotional materials that objectively represent the fact of an organization’s participation (Examples: Charity XYZ provides food for victims of disaster. Please donate to CFC Code 98765);
  • uses that encourage enthusiasm for and participation in the CFC (Examples: pins or medals for employee volunteers to wear in support of the CFC; polo shirts with modestly sized design that incorporates the mark, placed in a standard placement on top front of shirt);
  • incentive or recognition items (Examples: plaques, trophies);
  • commercial uses that fairly represent goods or services for purchase for official use (Examples: commercial advertisements by vendors for sale of pins, medals, incentive or recognition items in support of the CFC; software programs titled with reference to CFC services).

Official Combined Federal Campaign purposes do not include the following non-exhaustive list:

  • any materials that tend to mislead potential donors as to their source (Examples: marketing materials that use the mark in connection with extensive lists and/or descriptions displayed in a manner similar to the official Charity list and not clearly denoted as marketing materials);
  • uses that tend to cause or infer association with unofficial activities (Example: sale of alcoholic beverage, with some share of profit to be contributed to the CFC; sale of casual women’s apparel shorts with CFC emblem on back);
  • use of the mark in any manner that OPM determines demeans or tends to ridicule the mark or the CFC program.

OPM reserves the right to review the reproduction of each of these marks for quality, and to revoke permission to use and reproduce each mark in the event that OPM determines, in its sole discretion, that the manufacture or reproduction of the mark or of the goods upon which they appear are of less than excellent quality.


If you have questions about this matter please contact the Office of CFC at

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