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Retirement & Insurance Forms

Browse and download your choice of form(s) used to process retirement and insurance benefits.

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Form Title
RI 10-125 Federal Employee Retirement Coverage Corrections Act (FERCCA) Election Form
RI 20-7 Representative Payee Application
RI 20-64 Letter Reply to Request for Information
RI 20-64A Former Spouse Survivor Annuity Election
RI 20-97 Estimated Earnings During Military Service
RI 20-120 Request for Change to Unreduced Annuity
RI 20-122 Certification for Physicians Comparability Allowances (PCA)
RI 20-124 Certification of Service Performed as a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, Nuclear Materials Courier, Customs and Border Protection Officer (535 Service), or Air Traffic Controller
RI 25-14 Self-Certification of Full-Time School Attendance For The School Year, Get Instructions
RI 25-15 Notice of Change in Student's Status
RI 25-41 Initial Certification of Full-Time School Attendance
RI 30-1 Request for Information
RI 30-10 Disabled Dependent Questionnaire
RI 34-1 Financial Resources Questionnaire
RI 34-17 Financial Resources Questionnaire (FEGLI)
RI 34-18 Financial Resources Questionnaire (FEHB)
RI 37-26 Information on Computing the Tax Free Portion of a Phased Retirement Annuity and Subsequent Composite Retirement Annuity
RI 38-31 We Need More Information About Your Missing Payment
RI 38-45 We Need the Social Security Number of the Person Named Below
RI 38-107 URGENT - Reply Required Within 30 Days to Avoid Interruption of Your Payments
RI 38-115 Representative Payee Survey (September 2022)
RI 38-122 Alternative Annuity and Rollover Election
RI 38-124 Voluntary Contributions Election
RI 38-128 It's Time to Sign-up for Direct Deposit
RI 38-133 Certification for Title 38 Physicians and Dentists
RI 38-147 Verification of Who is Getting Payments
RI 76-10 Assignment of Federal Employee's Group Life Insurance (Please be aware that this form is used to assign your life insurance. If you wish to designate your life insurance use the SF 2823)
RI 79-9 Health Benefits Cancellation/Suspension Confirmation
RI 92-19 Application for Deferred or Postponed Retirement - Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
RI 92-22 Annuity Supplement Earnings Report
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