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Labor-Management Relations

Agency labor relations specialists support agency leadership to help mitigate the risk of committing violations of the Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute (the Statute) or a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). They may provide advisory and consultation services to management to address areas such as grievances, negotiated agreements, and policy analysis and interpretation in union matters or serve as the agency representative for third-party matters such as arbitration, unfair labor practice, and impasse hearings. On this page, you can find tools and resources developed by OPM to assist agency specialists in performing these functions.

Data on Federal Sector Bargaining Unit Employees

  • Federal Labor Management System (FLIS)

    Explore this database containing current information on labor-management relations in the Federal Government.

  • FedScope

    Access and analyze bargaining unit status data for federal agencies

  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Database

    View the types of agreements reached between agencies and Federal sector unions.

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