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Special Notice regarding Death of Annuitants

Special Notice regarding Death of Annuitants

Death of Annuitants

Survivors, family, or estate representatives are required to notify OPM in the event of the benefit recipient's death. Life Events, such as marriage/divorce, death of spouse or reemployment can affect benefits and must be reported to OPM immediately. We can be contacted by email: Or by telephone at (888) 767-6738 — TTY: 1 (855) 887-4957; our hours of operation are 7:40 A.M. until 5:00 P.M (Eastern Time).

All payments received from OPM after the annuitant's date of death must be returned to the Treasury Department. If payments are made by check, please write the beneficiary's date of death on the check and return the check to the Treasury Department address on the envelope. If payments are made by electronic deposit, please inform the financial institution of the death.

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