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OPM Employee Engagement Toolkit for Supervisors - Guides

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Guide 1: Review Survey Results to Gain Insights

The purpose of this guide is to offer a process and some tools to help you develop a solid understanding of your organization’s OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results. Surveys often yield a wealth of information. Survey results present multiple data points, comparisons, and item types. The bottom line is no single piece of information will tell you the full story of your survey results. Rather, it requires looking at your data holistically to identify patterns, which lead to an understanding of your organization’s strengths and opportunities for growth. And, once you understand the data, it is important to gather additional information to gain insight on the underlying reasons for the survey results.

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Guide 2: Share Survey Results & Solicit Input 

This guide offers a simple approach to taking action on your survey results.  After you understand your survey results, it is important to share the results with your team and solicit their input. Following up with your team provides the opportunity to: 1) confirm your understanding of the survey results, 2) understand the reasons for the results, and 3) ask for ideas to improve your organization. Taking a collaborative approach helps to create a sense of ownership and builds buy-in for change. There are many ways to successfully share survey results and solicit input. This guide offers one approach along with considerations for success.  

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Guide 3: A Simple Approach to Action

This guide offers a simple approach to taking action on your survey results. Taking action is often an elusive step in the OPM FEVS cycle, yet is the most critical component. It can seem daunting because organizational issues are complex and it can be difficult to determine what to change or how to change. But it is important to do something. Focusing on just one issue and taking a couple of actions to address it can result in positive gains in other aspects of the organization.  

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Guide 4: Leadership for Engagement

This guide presents supervisor behaviors that can help you increase your employees’ satisfaction and engagement at work and build a strong organizational climate. As a supervisor, you have a great impact on the engagement and climate of your team. There are a lot of factors that contribute to employee engagement and organizational climate.

Research shows that there are three High Impact supervisor behaviors that play a major role in driving engagement, satisfaction, and a really positive work experience:  1. Build Relationships and Trust  2. Support Employee Growth  3. Recognize and Value Employee Contributions  The way you think and feel about your employees is critical to effectively carrying out these behaviors.

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