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Human Resources Quality Services Management Office (HR QSMO)



The Executive Office of the President's Office of Management and Budget released memo M-19-16 in April 2019 to establish the Quality Services Management Offices (QSMOs) to reform how the government works with shared services. The QSMO's goals are to standardize processes, reduce duplication, improve accountability, and improve Federal shared services. 

The Human Resources Quality Services Management Office (HR QSMO) is one of the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) key avenues to enhance the service delivery of Human Resources (HR) solutions across government agencies.

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Offer and manage a marketplace of solutions of standard technology services or fully managed services that respond to agency needs. 

Guide and govern the long-term sustainability of services and solutions in the marketplace. 

Work with agencies on alternative strategies to help them build a business case if a marketplace for a particular solution is not yet available. 

Institute a customer engagement and feedback model that allows for continuous improvement and performance management of solutions. 

Drive implementation to standards established through a collaborative governance process producing efficiencies in process and scale. 

The HR QSMO cultivates strong stakeholder relationships by building a culture of engagement with the entities listed below to serve the American people as the human capital management thought leader and assist in effective HR IT investment decision making:

  • Federal Government,
  • General Services Administration (GSA),
  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB),
  • The Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council,
  • Small Agency Human Resources Council (SAHRC),
  • The Multi-Agency Executive Strategy Committee (MAESC),
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Private Industry
  • Media Partners

The HR QSMO is a liaison between agencies and standards entities to help agencies fully operationalize standards as they modernize their HCM capabilities. The HR QSMO offers a marketplace of solutions compliant with robust, approved standards and helps agencies understand how to maximize their value.



In 2022, OPM was pre-designated by the OMB as the HR QSMO.

OPM is uniquely positioned as a central management agency with Government-wide reach interacting with stakeholders across the Federal Government, the Congress, Nonprofits, private industry and the media to serve the American people as a human capital management thought leader. The mission of the HR QSMO aligns with OPM’s Strategic Goal 4: Provide innovative and data driven solutions enabling agencies to meet their missions and Goal Objective 4.4: Improve OPM's ability to provide strategic human capital leadership to agencies through expansion of innovation, pilots and identification of leading practices across government.

In addition, the HR QSMO sits within OPM’s Human Capital Data Management and Modernization (HCDMM) Directorate, enabling the HR QSMO to collaborate more effectively with Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) as well as with the policy offices at OPM and the Human Resources Solutions (HRS) Directorate, which has historically provided services and solutions directly to agencies across the federal government. The HR QSMO directly supports the HCDMM goal of strengthening human capital technology and data governance.

HR QSMO Marketplace

The HR QSMO Marketplace aims to standardize processes, reduce the technology footprint, reduce government-wide operating costs, and provide a “one-stop shop” for the community to navigate and locate relevant content for HR IT modernization, standards, and shared services. 

The HR QSMO Marketplace facilitates a community of engagement where key stakeholders and constituents share human capital management (HCM) capabilities, best practices, innovation, lessons learned, services, and solutions.

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