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Our Mission, Role & History What We Do

Through our initiatives, programs, and materials, we seek to recruit and hire the best talent; to train and motivate employees to achieve their greatest potential; and to constantly promote an inclusive work force defined by diverse perspectives.

OPM provides human resources, leadership, and support to Federal agencies and helps the Federal workforce achieve their aspirations as they serve the American people. " We're responsible for keeping the government running smoothly — a responsibility that has daily consequences for every citizen.

We've set our sights on making the U.S. Federal Service America's model employer for the 21st century, with the following clear and measurable objectives:

  • Make searching and applying for Federal jobs easier and faster;
  • Provide Federal employees benefits that are relevant, flexible, fair, and rewarding;
  • Make Federal employment accessible — and possible — for every American who seeks it; and
  • Retain a Federal workforce as diverse and versatile as the work it does and the people it serves.

The men and women of the Federal Service are ready to attend to America’s needs for safety, security, and prosperity. We're here to keep them energized, equipped, and fully engaged.

Policy and Oversight

OPM oversees all policy created to support Federal human resources departments — from classification and qualifications systems to hiring authorities and from performance management to pay, leave, and benefits. Along with making those policies, we are responsible for ensuring they are properly implemented and continue to be correctly carried out.

Healthcare and Insurance (HI)

Healthcare & Insurance ensures the availability of quality benefits for the Federal family. We work to facilitate access to the high-caliber healthcare and insurance programs offered by the Federal Government, including: health services; dental and vision benefits; flexible spending accounts; life insurance; and long-term care programs.  HI also develops and administers programs that provide high quality and affordable health insurance to uninsured Americans through Affordable Insurance Exchanges, uninsured Americans with pre-existing medical conditions who cannot otherwise purchase coverage, and employees of tribes or tribal organizations. .

Retirement Services (RS)

OPM provides Governmentwide administration of retirement benefits and services for all Federal employees. We honor our Federal retiree’s years of service to their country by assuring reliable and courteous service throughout retirement.

Services for Agencies

As the central human resources planners for the Federal Government, OPM is responsible for the successful management of human capital, not only within our own organization, but also across every Federal agency. We assist Federal agencies in hiring new employees, provide Federal investigative services for background checks, create training programs to develop tomorrow's leaders — and much more.

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