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Human Resources Solutions

Human Resources Solutions

HR Solutions provides exceptional human resources products and services to meet the dynamic needs of the Federal Government. Our nationwide cadre of consultants, psychologists, IT specialists, faculty, and program managers assist Federal agencies in achieving their missions by partnering with them to develop leaders, attract and build a high quality public sector workforce, and transform the agencies into high performing organizations. We also offer agencies the opportunity to access a world class consulting experience from pre-competed private companies managed and administered by OPM's Human Capital Industry Solutions.

Administrative Law Judges

By statute, OPM's Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Program Office has sole authority for administering, planning, operating, and directing nationwide recruitment, examination, and employment for ALJs. ALJs are employed by a number of Federal agencies to adjudicate disputes involving various agency administrative and regulatory programs. ALJs are responsible for presiding over agency hearings, taking evidence, and acting as a fact finder in proceedings as well as acting as a decision maker by making an initial determination about the resolution of a dispute.

In compliance with the Administrative Procedure Act and Civil Service law, OPM ensures appointed ALJs are the best candidates for the position. We help establish ALJ qualifications and classification standards for determining ALJs' pay according to their duties. OPM manages the applicant assessment process for the ALJ Program, which includes developing and administering the ALJ examination and maintaining a listing, referred to as the "ALJ register," of qualified candidates for ALJ employment by Federal agencies.

HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions

HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions (HRSES) provides strategies that help agencies plan and position for maximum performance. These include organizational strategies – workforce planning, organization design and classification, surveys, and program evaluation, as well as, strategies geared toward individual employees – succession planning, hiring and promotion, and performance management. Being Federal OPM employees themselves, HRSES psychologists and HR specialists have expert knowledge of and extensive experience with Federal policy and operating environments, and they have reach back capability to those who set Governmentwide policy in these areas so they can design and deliver solutions uniquely right for Government.

Federal Staffing Group

The Federal Staffing Group (FSG) partners with agencies to meet their missions by providing effective solutions that attract, assess, and build a high-quality Federal workforce. These solutions are delivered by a distributed network of Federal employees and are aligned with the Staff Acquisition function of the HRLOB Business Reference Model.

More specifically, our USA Staffing Program Office offers a web-based Talent Acquisition System (TAS), USA Staffing®, which permits Federal HR professionals to effectively recruit, assess, certify, and onboard candidates for Federal positions across the Government while complying with appropriate Federal rules and procedures. Our Staff Acquisition Branch (SAB) provides expertise to Federal customers seeking assistance with the entire spectrum of recruitment, examining and consulting, and strategic staffing. Together, our services help the Federal government build a high-quality workforce.

Center for Leadership Development

21st Century government faces many challenges that require great leadership. At OPM, we believe that great leaders aren't born – they are nurtured and developed through experience, training, coaching and mentorship. Helping agencies develop the leadership capacity to be successful today and in the future, and helping individuals develop the capacity to navigate and advance their careers has been the hallmark of our development programs for over 45 years.

Led by our world-class faculty from the Federal Executive Institute and the Federal Management Development Centers, our comprehensive catalog of programs builds upon the competencies that make up the Executive Core Qualifications, embraces public service and Constitutional values, and incorporates the latest research on leadership development and adult learning to develop Great Leaders for Great Government.

The Knowledge Portal division of CLD works with agencies to help them understand the importance of sharing knowledge of agency missions, goals and values across all organizational lines. We help agencies realize the full potential of their employees by helping them develop processes to share knowledge across organizations.

Specific offerings include the development and delivery of customized learning management systems (LMS)/learning content management systems (LCMS) and associated services, e-Learning/Testing platforms, communities of practice, and other content and collaboration platforms, object and document repositories, course development, and innovative software engineering services. We are dedicated to helping Federal agencies keep up with current trends in human resources practices. We provide support for new initiatives and projects within HR Solutions to ensure a consistent distribution and quality.

Human Capital Industry Solutions

OPM's Human Capital Industry Solutions provides assisted acquisition services in the areas of human capital strategy, learning management systems, recruitment & branding, and employee training solutions. In particular, we offer agencies the opportunity to access a world class consulting experience from pre-selected, best in class companies via competitive fixed-price Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts managed by government project managers who provide program, acquisition, and administrative management of projects by facilitating fast, efficient and effective deliverables.

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