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Agency Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Strategic Plan

OPM’s DEIA Strategic Plan (Plan) identifies goals accompanied by actionable strategies that will advance our human capital priorities. Specifically, the strategies are designed to build the foundational capacity for outreach and recruitment efforts to potential employees, including from underrepresented communities, provide more equitable access to training and leadership development programs, and increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. 


Executive Order 14035 launched a whole-of-government initiative to cultivate a federal workforce that draws from the full diversity of the Nation and advances equitable employment opportunities.

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Plan Development Process

The OPM DEIA Strategic Plan Team is led by OPM HR, in collaboration with employees of ODEIA. 

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Mission, Vision, and Values

The following are OPM’s Mission, Vision, and Values as outlined in the OPM FY 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan.

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The goals in this Plan communicate OPM’s efforts to address problems, needs, challenges, and opportunities concerning DEIA.

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