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Mark Lambert

Associate Director, Merit System Accountability and Compliance

Mark Lambert is the Associate Director of Merit System Accountability and Compliance (MSAC) at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) under the Biden-Harris Administration.

In this capacity, he serves as advisor to the OPM Director on a number of oversight and compliance issues. MSAC conducts oversight of federal agency human resources programs and ensures compliance with merit system principles and civil service regulations; reviews agencies’ political appointee conversion requests; adjudicates compensation and classification appeals; oversees the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and Voting Rights programs; and serves as OPM’s audit liaison and resolution coordinator through the Office of Internal Oversight and Compliance (IOC).

Mark has over 31 years of oversight and compliance experience within the Office of Personnel Management, including approximately 13 years in the OPM’s Office of the Inspector General. This experience has given him a very good foundational knowledge of all programs and offices within OPM and the ability to envision activities from a corporate perspective.

Mark is a graduate of Shepherd University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

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