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Federal employees are diverse. They represent every nationality, ethnicity, and faith. They reflect the great mosaic of the American people they serve. As part of National Hispanic Heritage Month and throughout the year, I will be highlighting some of these employees to illustrate just how powerful that diversity can be.

Hilda Reyes is an IT technical advisor at the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, Texas. She began her career as a GS 5 directly out of college and is now in a GS 15 management position.

Like me, Hilda also spends time with high school students, telling them about the careers and opportunities in Federal service that they may not be aware of, specifically in the IT field. She has it right when she says “That’s the state of the future. This is where we need to be going.” 

I couldn’t agree more.

Three Things to Know about Hilda:

  1. She was inspired to become a Federal employee because she grew up in a military family. 
  2. She worked in the Navy reserves for 21 years while also a Federal employee.
  3. She goes out to community centers in low-income areas of Texas and helps Spanish-speaking Americans file their taxes.

Photo of Hispanic Federal employee Hilda Reyes, who is an IT technical advisor at the IRS. 

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