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Be prepared. That may sound like an overused slogan. But as OPM Director, it is my job to make sure that our Federal workforce is fully prepared to continue to serve the American people even during an emergency, whether it’s a man-made or a natural disaster.

That’s why I’m excited that OPM is once again a partner in America’s PrepareAthon National Day of Action. This campaign is designed to increase awareness among Americans about the need to be prepared for all emergencies. 

On April 30, communities, organizations, families, and individuals were encouraged to take steps to prepare for potential disasters. Some examples were conducting a drill, updating supplies, facilitating a group discussion, and holding a group exercise.  Awareness, conversation, and planning are the vital first steps in creating environments that can respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.

One of the reasons we have the Day of Action is to recognize that risks are not the same in all locations. Some areas are prone to earthquakes, while others are more likely to experience a tornado. Knowing what hazards are most likely – and more importantly, how to prepare for them – is at the heart of the PrepareAthon. I encourage you to consider the emergencies that you might face in your own communities. 

OPM participated in the PrepareAthon by holding a shelter-in-place drill. During this drill, OPM employees practiced getting away from windows and other areas that would be unsafe in the event of a tornado, high winds, or extreme rain or snow. We want our workers to know the best ways to deal with these extreme situations. As for me, I met with my senior leadership and OPM’s preparedness team to review and discuss the actions we would need to take during an emergency to make sure our employees stayed safe and to ensure the agency would continue to function as needed.

I encourage everyone to review the resources on the PrepareAthon website. Ask your employer about the emergency plan for your agency. Talk to your families about your personal plans, too. We can face emergency situations with quick action and calm if we plan ahead.  I believe it is important to take every step we can to make sure that we keep our employees and their families safe.

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