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    On the left, Bronze scales on top of stack of books with gavel laying next to the pile. Words on the left say Partnering to recruit administrative law judges

    Beth Cobert is the Acting Director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management

    Carolyn Colvin is the Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration

    Every day agencies across the Federal Government come together to provide important services to the American people.  This spring, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) joined forces to recruit prospective candidates for administrative law judge (ALJ) positions.  ALJs are integral to SSA and other agencies to make impartial decisions on such issues as disability determinations, licensing, or grievances.  Nearly 2,000 ALJs work in 27 Federal agencies across the government.

    SSA’s hearing and appeals operation is one of the largest administrative adjudicative systems in the world.  OPM provides agencies with certificates of well-qualified ALJ candidates, drawn from a robust register, to fill vacant positions.  We are happy to report that OPM recently issued an announcement for entry-level ALJ positions on USAJOBS, which yielded more than 5,000 applications.  

    In the coming months, OPM will review qualifications and complete the thorough approval process by which applicants who successfully complete both online and in-person assessments of the examination will be added to the ALJ register.  In addition to scheduling the current administration of the exam, OPM replenished the existing ALJ register with new candidates who successfully completed the 2013 administration of the examination. OPM also opens the examination on a quarterly basis to disabled veterans and certain individuals who are entitled to veterans’ preference in relation to disabled veterans.

    SSA and OPM are committed to continuing to work together to fulfill this important government function.

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