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    Flag background with stars, 4th of July Independence Day 1776 written in the center

    Each year, Americans celebrate Independence Day with parties, fireworks, parades, and concerts. But not all Americans will be grilling out with family and friends. Federal workers across the country will be hard at work on Monday, serving in a multitude of ways. As we celebrate, let’s take a moment to recognize their service.

    If you plan on enjoying the holiday weekend at one of America’s national parks, you will surely run into a National Park Ranger. They are responsible for protecting and supervising our parks 365 days a year. They also help make visiting our parks safe and a memorable experience, including giving guided tours to millions of Americans and tourists from around the world.

    Law enforcement and medical personnel will also be standing their posts on the Fourth of July. In the Washington D.C. metro area, United States Capitol Police and Secret Service agents will be on high alert, protecting our elected officials and the thousands of tourists coming into the District of Columbia to celebrate the Fourth.

    And just like doctors, nurses, and EMT’s in the private sector, medical personnel working for the Federal Government will be busy taking care of patients on the holiday.  Twenty million Americans are veterans and they receive medical care at the many VA hospitals and clinics across the country.

    In this year’s proclamation in honor of Public Service Recognition Week, the President highlighted how the country’s progress is fueled by selfless citizens who dedicate their lives to serving their fellow Americans and working towards making our country the best it can be.

    “Civil servants demonstrate resolve and inspire optimism in sectors throughout our country. They are engineers and educators, military service members and social workers, and their individual and collective contributions drive us forward on the path toward an ever brighter tomorrow,” the proclamation said.

    This Fourth of July, while you are celebrating with family and friends, please take a moment to remember the dedicated public servants who are spending their day at work, helping to ensure our country remains safe for all who call America home. 

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