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Invest in your agency today so your agency can better invest in you!  Let your voice be heard by participating in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS).  Beginning today the FEVS will be emailed on a rolling basis by agency to every eligible Federal employee (permanently employed, non-political, non-seasonal, full- or part-time employees, onboard with their agency as of October 2017).  That’s over 1.5 million voices providing leadership feedback about what works and what needs to be improved in your workplace. 

We understand that you are busy working to achieve important agency goals and priorities and may find it hard to set aside time to respond in your busy day.  You might even wonder about the value of your participation.  Will your responses really be heard and used?  Yes they will. As an employee survey, the FEVS gives you a way to share your perspective about workplace conditions with decision-makers in your agency.  All levels of leadership have access to FEVS reports and are urged to use results to inform decisions for agency development.  FEVS results also are used by policy agencies to develop, evaluate, and shape governmentwide workplace policy and programs in support of the Federal workforce.  As you can see, your input today can have lasting benefits for your own agency, as well as the performance of the entire Executive Branch.

New this year, when you respond to the FEVS, you also will have the opportunity to inspire the future by participating in a follow-on pilot survey.  The pilot is intended to help us to modernize the FEVS by testing new topics and improvements to the FEVS. Our goal is to ensure delivery of the best, most responsive information possible to your leadership and Federal decision makers.  You will receive a pilot survey shortly after you click submit on the FEVS.  Please take time to respond to that survey too.   

Through participation in the FEVS and the pilot, you have an opportunity to shape and improve your Federal workplace now and in years to come.  Your time investment will ensure that your agency can deliver on the promise of unparalleled service to the American people. 

For last year’s results, visit the FEVS website.

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