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    The President’s fiscal year 2017 budget and Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP) released this week makes it clear that this Administration is committed to taking bold actions to protect Americans in today’s fast-moving digital world.

    For OPM, the President’s budget proposal provides additional funding to continue the progress of enhancing our cybersecurity posture as well as modernizing our IT systems to meet evolving cybersecurity challenges.

    During the past year, OPM acquired and deployed new cybersecurity tools that enhance our ability to rapidly identify and respond to emerging cyber threats. We also built a new modern infrastructure that strengthens the security of the environment to house our systems. The resources in the President’s spending plan will help us accelerate the movement of OPM’s current systems to this new, enhanced security infrastructure. Completing this migration will be a major step forward for OPM.

    The CNAP roadmap will better enable OPM to build on our cybersecurity partnerships across government and will fortify our efforts to empower agencies to hire the cyber talent they need.

    First, CNAP calls for the kind of increased collaboration between agencies that OPM has already established with DHS’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) and other government partners to proactively take steps to enforce and enhance network security infrastructures.

    The CNAP takes this collaboration a step further by directing DHS and the General Services Administration to increase the availability of government-wide shared services for information technology and cybersecurity.

    The President wants to take individual agencies like OPM out of the business of building their own new security services or capabilities when there is an opportunity to leverage the collective strength and power of the Federal Government.

    Second, the CNAP places a strong emphasis on enhancing cybersecurity education and training across the country, enabling Federal agencies to hire more cybersecurity experts now, and into the future.

    A critical element of OPM’s mission is to provide agencies with the assistance and tools they need to recruit, hire, and retain cybersecurity talent. As part of this work that is already underway, OPM hosted a cybersecurity talent summit this week where we brought together human capital specialists from throughout the Federal Government to learn what tools and flexibilities can help them attract the employees they need.

    The President’s budget invests in several CNAP initiatives that will help support OPM’s efforts and help create a pipeline of cybersecurity experts. These include expanding the Scholarship for Service program by establishing scholarships for Americans who want to pursue a cybersecurity education and serve their country by joining the Federal workforce. The initiative would also establish a cybersecurity core curriculum and enhance student loan forgiveness programs for cybersecurity experts who enter Federal service.

    As OPM continues its journey to transform its information technology infrastructure and help agencies bring on board the talent they require to bolster their cyber workforce, we will benefit from the resources included in the President’s FY 2017 spending plan as well as the national cybersecurity mission outlined in the Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

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