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    With an estimated 75 percent of federal agencies using decades-old paper processes to complete performance appraisals—managers and staff often have to spend considerable time focusing on the process rather than the meaningful conversations necessary to improve performance.

    Not surprisingly, when surveyed, few federal staff or managers say they like doing performance appraisals.  This is a pain point for everyone involved. Not only is the process antiquated, it is inconsistent.

    Even agencies attempting to automate performance management struggle to customize and “federalize” private-sector software, resulting in an array of systems that do not talk to each other, do not comply with the unique requirements of the federal service, and require each agency to reinvent this wheel separately by paying for customization. Too many federal HR departments get locked into a cycle of spending to modernize their performance management environment, while only getting piecemeal improvements. 

    USA Performance solves these problems by taking the process online, integrating federal best practices, and building a system designed to handle every type of federal performance plan or program.

    USA Performance is the Office of Personnel Management’s software-as-a-service solution that is transforming the way federal agencies manage and improve individual employee performance. USA Performance listens to the needs of HR managers and employees alike– it’s even on LinkedIn—and the team of HR experts behind the program is agile in adapting the needs of federal agencies quickly into new system enhancements.

    It saves federal agencies valuable time and money. For instance, in a small agency of 3,000 employees, USA Performance saves over 6,000 labor hours and $50,000 in printing and scanning costs every year.

    Since USA Performance resides in OPM, the federal spend on this function is completely transparent, supporting the President’s Management Agenda CAP Goal 10.  As USA Performance is adopted government-wide, we can achieve enterprise-level transparency and financial accountability while driving consistent excellence in this area.

    USA Performance will also enable the government to more actively and assertively manage employee performance, driving increased accountability, helping defend and execute performance-based actions to remove non-performers, and serving as a key driver for other transformative initiatives such as pay-for-performance.

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