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    How does OPM determine the operating status of the federal government?

    When an event such as inclement weather or a natural disaster occurs, OPM works together with our federal, state, and local partners to determine the proper operating status for the federal government in the Washington, DC area.

    We have a 24-hour situation room that monitors anything which might affect the status of the federal government in the National Capital Region. When we have an event like a snow storm approaching the area, we immediately begin to prepare. There is a Council of Governments conference call that typically includes over 200 representatives from a variety of partners such as:

    • The National Weather Service, FEMA, and NOAA
    • The departments of transportation for the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland
    • Public transportation providers (including WMATA bus and rail, Amtrak, VRE, and even regional bus services).
    • Power companies, law enforcement, and school districts

    This collaborative process gets us the latest information, allowing us to make timely decisions based on input from all of our partners.

    Check out our video about this topic here: Operating Status Decision

    How do I find the operating status of the federal government?

    The operating status of the federal government can be found through:

    1. Our website
    2. Our OPM Alert mobile app
    3. Our social media accounts: Twitter - @USOPM, Facebook - /USOPM

    Additionally, provides useful information on emergency planning

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