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    USAJOBS, the Federal Government’s career portal, is continuously evolving to be an effective and user-friendly tool. We appreciate feedback from our users that helps us to enhance and improve USAJOBS. As an example, we are pleased to announce a new platform for user log in:, a General Services Administration (GSA) product, offers USAJOBS users the opportunity to benefit from GSA’s focus on authentication, security, privacy and usability.

    So, what is provides the public with secure and private online access to participating government programs. With just a single account, users can sign into programs at a variety of government agencies without needing to create and remember multiple user names and passwords. The ultimate goal of is to make managing Federal benefits, services and applications easier and more secure.

    What does this change mean to your USAJOBS account? Nothing will happen to the information already stored in your USAJOBS account and profile. You will be able to keep all of your applications, saved searches, and saved jobs. Once you set up a account, you will connect the account to your USAJOBS profile. The only difference is that you will now use your email address, password and pin code to sign into USAJOBS. will provide greater security to your profile and uploaded documentation by confirming you, the correct user, have access to each account by requiring two-factor authentication, a standard method used to increase the security of online accounts of all types, from social media to banking.

    Here at OPM’s USAJOBS program, we are excited to offer a product that enhances log-in access to federal jobs while simultaneously increasing account security. Our team will continue to post updates and information to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages throughout the next few weeks to help our job seekers with this transition.

    For more information on using, please refer to our USAJOBS Help Center.

    Dark navy blue background. A picture of two white spotlights forming one single oval. In the center of the spotlight, there is the text USAJOBS with an American flag icon in the middle of the letter O. Underneath the image is the text: Celebrating 20 Years.

    As we recognize the 20th Anniversary of USAJOBS, it’s a good time to reflect on how far the site, and the Federal hiring process as a whole, has come.

    Until 1996 when was launched, someone interested in working for the Federal Government had to go to a Federal building to look at job announcements that were either posted on a bulletin board, or in “reading rooms”.

    From the first iteration of through the enhancements of the past year to our new landing page unveiled in the lead up to the site’s 20th anniversary, our team has worked to improve its design, features, and tools and to make the site more user friendly. We are constantly working to improve the user experience and we are committed to continuing to evolve from a job board to a career site.

    Over the past year we have worked with stakeholders across government, convened work groups, and received user feedback through interviews and focus groups. We've used this feedback to implement user-friendly updates including a mobile-friendly website, a revised application process, and a new help center.

    We have put metrics in place to measure and track whether the updates we’ve made are improving the user experience and meeting the needs and expectations of our users. Our partners at the General Services Administration (GSA) have provided us with a web analytics tool, Digital Analytics Platform (DAP), which will enable us to continually measure our efforts.

    Some of the interesting data we have gathered tells us that more than 14,000 Federal job opportunities are available every day, 22 million applications are started each year, and 1 billion searches are conducted on the website each year.

    In addition to these efforts, we are developing the Agency Talent Portal that will provide agencies with innovative and strategic recruiting tools. With the continued support of OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert, and working with the Innovation Lab@OPM, USAJOBS is striving to influence the Federal hiring process in a positive way from start to finish.

    Beyond our redesign efforts, the USAJOBS team is participating in OPM’s Hiring Excellence Campaign, which is designed to connect Federal agencies with a talented and diverse applicant pool and help agencies hire the best qualified candidates.

    Our goal moving forward is simple - for USAJOBS to provide easy-to-use tools and resources to support job seekers in their quest for Federal employment. In order to realize this vision, our team will continue to leverage data to its fullest potential to inform how we design so we can help job seekers connect with the positions they want and agencies connect with the talent they need.

    To learn more about USAJOBS please visit:

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