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    CFC 2018 - Show You Care!

    During this period of seasonal transition between summer fun and the holidays, many of us start to find ourselves indoors a little more than usual.

    When that happens, we start to reflect on the year, think about how much we have been given, and we often seek ways to give back.

    There are many ways to give. We can give of our time. We can give with money, with gifts, or even with a smile and an open heart.

    One thing remains the same for all givers: we share the core belief that connecting and sharing with others is a cornerstone for making this world a better place.

    On October 17th, OPM launched its internal Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). For Federal employees, the CFC is a familiar annual fundraising opportunity.

    Over the past 56 years, the CFC has raised $8.2 billion to help those in need in the National Capital Region, across the nation, and throughout the world.

    Why give through CFC? The CFC is a one-stop-shop organization with an easy to navigate website that automates the process of giving to people in need.

    There are thousands of charities on the CFC website to select from, and no doubt, you will find a cause there that you can find some connection to and support, whether it is pet adoption, homelessness, veterans’ causes, or a host of other worthy organizations that could benefit tremendously from your donations.

    To give to CFC, you don’t need to give a lot. The minimum financial contribution is $1 per pay period. To give you a comparison, it costs approximately $2, usually more, for one cup of coffee downtown D.C. these days.

    Did you know that $1.31 per pay period can feed 100 homeless people? That just goes to show: every little bit that you can give makes a difference.

    This year, volunteer hours are also monetized towards our agency goal. So if you would prefer to donate your time, that contribution will make an enormous difference as well.

    Our goal at OPM this year is to raise $100,000 through CFC giving. We can absolutely hit this mark with your generosity. Please Show Some Love, and consider exploring the CFC website to select a cause that touches your heart.

    To get involved, please visit, where you will be able to create a profile that you can use over and over again. Through the CFC website, you will be able to research charities locally, nationally, or worldwide and make a difference through your contributions to helping others in need.

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