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Strategic Recruitment and Hiring

The recruitment process is one of the activities that can have a critical impact on an organization's performance. The purpose of effective recruiting is to attract strong applicants prepared to perform successfully on the job. It is essential that agencies use all of the tools available to ensure a sufficient pool of qualified and diverse applicants.

A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring Military Spouses

The White House’s Joining Forces initiative, led by First Lady Jill Biden, supports military and veteran spouses, caregivers, and survivors, with a focus on military spouse economic opportunity, military child education, and health and well-being. To help achieve this mission, A Guide to Recruiting and Hiring Military Spouses was created to ensure Federal hiring managers are better equipped with available resources they can leverage to support the military-connected community best.

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Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans

Knowing about these authorities and identifying eligible veterans can expedite the hiring process.

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The Government-wide Military-Connected Strategic Plan

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget released this Strategic Plan to serve as a roadmap to assist Federal agencies with strengthening their ability to recruit, hire, develop, promote, and retain this skilled and diverse pool of talent.

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Special Hiring Authorities for Military Spouses and Family Members

Understanding these authorities allow agencies to appoint military spouses, sometimes without competition.

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