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Virtual Classroom

These resources will help you understand veterans' preference, how federal jobs are filled, and unique veteran appointing authorities designed to help you find a job within the federal government. 

Transitioning to Federal Employment: A Guide

This Guide provides information, tools, and links that will help you complete your journey from your military career to a civilian position in the Federal Government.

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Getting Started with USAJOBS

Most federal agencies use USAJOBS to host job openings and match qualified applicants to those jobs. USAJOBS serves as the central place to find opportunities in hundreds of federal agencies and organizations. View these videos to gain a better understand on how to apply for jobs and start building your federal resume. 

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Additional Resources

Education is a lifelong process. It can be challenging to identify good training programs, listed below is an overview of the opportunities, occupations, and skills needed in the Federal workforce.

Department of Veteran's Affairs

Department of Defense

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Labor

Here are some various sources that provide information for veterans and programs across the federal government. The materials provided will assist you in learning about several federal agencies, programs, and opportunities that will help you with your federal job search.

Office of Personnel Management

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Department of Defense

Department of Labor

Department of Homeland Security

Many military spouses have diverse backgrounds and valuable skill sets needed for the federal workforce. There are several resources available for family members of veterans to help navigate the federal hiring process. 

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