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Healthcare Carriers

Guiding Principles for FEHB Carriers

OPM has established the following ten principles for the FEHB Program. All FEHB carriers must be committed to:

  1. Ensuring enrollees have access to good healthcare benefits;
  2. Striving to keep FEHB premiums affordable;
  3. Ensuring enrollees have access to quality provider networks;
  4. Providing competitive healthcare choices for consumers;
  5. Strengthening information for consumers so they can be more involved and responsible for their own healthcare decisions;
  6. Being well managed and financially secure;
  7. Providing efficient and effective contract administration;
  8. Ensuring the timely and accurate submission of actuarial data and financial accounting information;
  9. Maintaining compliance with FEHB laws, regulations, contract requirements and administrative guidance at all times; and
  10. Guaranteeing that enrollee and Government resources are protected.
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